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Website Update Service

Our website update service frees you to grow your business.

By keeping your website up to date with company information, news, product details or with promotions makes your business look credible and helps to engage with your customers, ensuring they visit you online time and again.

Our support and maintenance service offers real business value. Search engines such as Google rate websites with changing content more important than those that don’t. This directly affects your ranking within Google and has an impact on how potential customers find your site. Having a team that can quickly and efficiently update your website as requested is a key point to keeping you visible to your customers.

Our Website Update Contracts will allow you to choose the frequency you wish us to maintain your site.

Complete the contact form for more details.

Purchase Blocks

Purchase Content Maintenance blocks of an hour or more.  You can purchase a number of blocks and use as many blocks as is necessary for your project and you can use your blocks at anytime.

Our system is easy to use and billing is simple when you pre-pay for packs of Maintenance Blocks. You can authorise certain people to send in requests for your company so that every update doesn’t have to go through you. We’re flexible and will set this up to meet your business needs.

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Types of Content

  • Create, Update and format pages
  • Update your Blog, Social Media, Products or Services
  • Proofing and spell checking updated work
  • Test against the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • We upload updates to your live website
  • We also test the live site for errors
  • We provide a log of the work done and complete a report that you get detailing the work completed


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